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Our Products

Chatbots, and cohorts, and smart texts — oh my!

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Our chatbots are built first and foremost to capture contact information and learn more about what content/information our clients’ website visitors are actually looking for. Whether you're looking for a basic chatbot to increase lead generation on a primary website page, a mid-tier bot that will direct users to the content most relevant to their interests, or a top-of-the-line bot that can replace your coordinators or counselors, we've got you covered! 

Professional Cohorts 

Our cohorts are 6-month courses built to enable today’s enrollment managers to launch successful, sustainable, and story-worthy recruitment strategies. The format of the course looks like a once-a-month consulting, conference call, with accompanying homework assignments to be completed between calls. Each month’s lesson is one-hour long and focuses on specific challenges that enrollment managers. Each cohort is led by Tony Fraga, the CEO at DD, and can include as few as 3 participants or as many as 10.

Space is limited — and this cohort isn’t for everyone. To see if your a good fit for this course, or to discover more about the value of this course, schedule a call here.



Video Services

Most people approach video as purely an awareness tool. We don’t. We believe that educational video content is a lead-generation and conversion tool. Video, like all marketing efforts, must be held accountable. No one’s marketing budget is increasing. No one’s less accountable to their marketing efforts today than they were last year. Enrollment marketers need to create a plethora of videos that effectively nurture prospects through the Applicant Journey stages of Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. We help them do that!

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Smart Texts

What if you could automatically send a text message to a contact who has just viewed your application page? Or what if you could send a text with a link to your “Guide to Financing Graduate School” resource when someone views your program costs’ page?

Smart Texts send messages to prospects at optimal times based on their digital behavior. Don’t spend time thinking about the best 147 characters to use in a batch and blast text — leverage marketing technology to send personalized, relevant texts to each of your prospects based on where they are at in the applicant journey.




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